The innovative solution for the automated management of vehicle movements between dealer locations.


It is a digital platform that allows you to centralise all car movement requests in a single space, allowing car transporters to build and streamline loading plans, filling available spots at each stop. MOWIMENTA reports the movement statuses of the vehicles (assignment, transfer, delivery) and automatically creates transport documents, making them available to the DMS.


  • Complete and centralised management

    Complete and centralised management of all movement requests and automated alerts. From the retailer to the sales manager, to the director for logistics, to the preparer, to the transport company (car transporters), to the driver, to the acceptor up until the back office.

  • Automated transport documents

    Automatic generation of transport documents by the director for logistics.

  • Smart monitoring of moving costs

    The platform allows you to calculate the movement cost of the vehicle in an intelligent way, based on the amount of vehicles the car transporter has.

  • Automated planners

    You define a route and the delivery sites, create your template which automatically appears on the weekly planner.

  • Simple construction of loading plans

    Allows you to simply and intuitively implement loading plans.

  • Automated communication between departments

    Automatically communicates the conditions of the cars (assignment, transfer, delivery) to the petitioners.

  • Real-time reports

    Allows sales management and vendors to verify the average fulfilment time of a request.


Improves the control of movements

Greater control of all movements of cars between dealerships.

It makes your work easier

It makes the work process of the director for logistics, of sales managers, preparers and back offices easier.

It gives you overall vision

It gives you an overall and shared vision of movements and of requests.

Mowimenta makes your life easier!

Thanks to easy management and use of the platform, it can automatically manage and inform all participants involved in movements of vehicles.


1. Movement request

The Sales officer can make the movement request.
The request reaches the Sales Manager within Mowimenta.
When the Sales Manager has confirmed, the confirmed request reaches the Director for Logistics.

2. Transport planning

The Director for Logistics confirms and verifies the priority of the requests and plans the car transporters on the different routes.
When the trip is planned, Mowimenta automatically generates the Transport Documents and notifies those involved in the process.

3. Planning confirmation

When planning of the trip is confirmed, the Transport Company receives an email with details of the vehicles to transport.
When planning of the trip is confirmed, the Preparer receives an email with details of the vehicles to prepare.
An email is sent to the Sales officer who made the request.

4. Assignment - Trip - Delivery

The Drive, via the Mowimenta App, controls the trip, the vehicles, assignments and deliveries.
The Accepter, via the Mowimenta App, confirms unloading of the vehicles.
Upon confirmation, the Back Office receives an email with all the vehicles loaded and unloaded at their site and all the Transport Documents.

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The Mowimenta solution is hosted on a specific Virtual Data Centre on Amazon Web Services, a redundant high performance and resilience cloud system.


The dedicated platform to accurately and quickly monitor the movement phase of the cars.

Mowimenta® is a registered trademark owned by Web Industry Srl

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